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16 August 2007 @ 03:57 pm
Roar Screencaps  
Well, since there's not much action going on in this community, I thought I might as well pimp my Roar screencap collection:


01 - Pilot
02 - Projector
03 - The Chosen
04 - Banshee
05 - Doyle's Solution
06 - Red Boot
07 - The Spear of Destiny
08 - The Eternal
09 - Tash
10 - Traps
11 - Daybreak
12 - The Cage
13 - Sweet Brigit

Does anyone know of any Roar websites out there? I don't think there are any active ones, but the Roar Sanctuary seemed to be OK - had a bit of fanfiction.

Maybe I'll have to start my own ;)
Mandy S.: RIP Heath Ledgermandyesque on February 4th, 2008 01:32 am (UTC)
I wasn't aware there was one until now. I'm the only person I know personally who watched Roar. Every so often I'd try to find it on torrents, but never thought to search LJ for a community until now. I'm not sure if I saw it when it was actually airing, or just after, by the way. All we had at my house was a dying satellite dish that was configured for the Northern Hemisphere and I'm near the equator, so we only had 3 channels (Fox, Sci-Fi, and Nick at Nite). Roar would come on at odd hours of the day or night, and sometimes out of order, but I loved it and watched as much as I could. Did you know they translated it into Spanish at one point? I actually didn't see "The Eternal" until late 2000, in Spanish. I cried when the Father died as though no time had passed at all. It was the last episode I ever saw, the only one I watched in Spanish, and I had (ironically) seen Sweet Brigit the first time around. So I saw the ending without parts of the middle.

I was ecstatic when they released the DVDs, but crazy bummed because I couldn't afford them. I even asked for them for Christmas this year, ironically, and didn't receive them. My mom felt really bad for me when I got the news (a friend who works at NBC called from NYC to tell me; I'm in Puerto Rico) so she told me to order them and that she'd pay for them. I don't think she'd ever seen me cry like that before...

It's surreal. Heath and I were just under a year apart in age difference; it's really been rough. I feel a little better knowing there are folks like you who appreciated him all along, and not just now. ♥